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SMART Microsystems' Article Discusses "Gel Dispense for Encapsulation of MEMS Pressure Sensors" in the Winter 2016 Issue of the MEPTEC REPORT

As the MEMS-based sensing industry grows, the environmental conditions in which these sensors must perform grow with it. Pressure sensing is one application where particularly harsh environments can be present. Unlike previous technology, the MEMS-based technology offers the ability to place the microscopic sense element and wire bond interconnects directly in the fluid path. It is often necessary to protect the sense element and interconnects with products such as encapsulation gels.

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SMART Microsystems' Matt Apanius Discusses "Assembly of Chemical Sensors for Medical
Applications" in the November Issue of TAP TIMES

Miniaturized chemical sensors for medical applications are an attractive technology which can provide real-time, non-invasive human health information. New science related to chemical sensing techniques continues to emerge, and an existing semiconductor supply chain can be leveraged to develop new products to meet market demands, though the integration of new science with existing techniques is not without challenges...
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SMART Microsystems' Mara Rice Discusses "Developing Robust Interconnects for MEMS and Sensors" in the November December Issue of

The semiconductor and MEMS sensor industry is rapidly growing. Everyday, new applications, next-generation materials, and state-of-the-art information gathering sensors are being created. Each new device must be packaged and electrically connected to the outside world. A robust and reliable interconnect is critical to the success and function of every integrated circuit, sensor and device. Advanced technologies, new manufacturing technologies and novel materials come with unique challenges when it comes to making robust and reliable interconnects...
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• 15th Annual MEPTEC MEMS
• SENSORS EXPO 2017, June
• SENSORS Midwest, October 2
• IMAPS International, October 9
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